Fighting Orc's, goblins, kobolds and hobgoblins.


As the bird sat upon the armoured amnesiac the bird tried to pull out his necklace. (Rhiegard) pulled out the necklace and showed that it was that of a single golden feather. The remainder of the people milled about curious of the birds antics. With the coming darkness the group thought it best to go into the Ventwatch building. Illiana told the bird to go rest in the trees nearby.

The group started to discuss the events of the day. Fletcher was quite irate that people wanted to break his legs. (Rhiegard) Felt that it was his duty to ensure that no one would try to attack Fletcher. The group decided on a rotation of watches that would leave a trustworthy person with others who had shown aggression. It worked out well for everyone.

At the second watch of the night Illianna chose to use her elven vision and go out and actively view the surroundings. As she passed the time doing circuits of the area she heard noise in the distance. Biding her time she noticed some figures in the distance. They happened to be Kobolds. As she prepared to attack she noted even more. Understanding the risks to everyone she decided to open fire. Knocking out kobold after kobold she found that they numbers were going to reach her eventually. Illianna retreated to the door and warned that many more were coming. The group came to the rescue and pursued the Kobolds out into the darkness, except Conrad who hid behind a door and waited to stab something, or anything that tried to pass.

The group fought valiantly out in the darkness being overwhelmed by numbers many times, but the group worked cohesively and came to the rescue of those who were swarmed. Olaf caught a few in his net, Illianna had a few pursue her trying to stop her lethal bowmanship. Rhigard swatted kobolds like flies while the others held their ground. The group wiped out the advance Kobold force with cohesive fighting. They grabbed the netted kobolds and returned to the safety of the Dwarfwatch building.

Fletcher cast a spell on the kobolds to befriend them and found out they were an advance force and others were coming to attack Ventwatch.

Later in the evening the group heard a few score of forces passing close to the dwarfwatch building. After careful consideration Illianna and Thoril decided to find out what the forces were up to. Whilst the others bickered about what to do with the Kobolds.
After a while the Kobolds escaped and those bickering chased them down to either kill them of save them. Fletcher cast a scare spell on Conradigan and made him flee in the other direction.

Illianna and Thoril saw the invading force of Kobolds, Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins were attempting to throw Barrels down into the vent. Each time they came close to getting one in the Invisible stalkers threw the barrels down into the throngs of the invaders and bowled them over.

After sometime the rest of the group stumbled to the hiding spot of Illianna and Thoril, giving away their location. As the forces started to advance on them Illianna the only one with a ranged weapon opened fire. She managed to route the Kobolds but the others kept advancing. As foot combat was engaged a pony mounted contingent of Dwarves crashed into the fray and smashed the forces.

Shortly after a group of the city watch showed up and rounded up the Suzail citizens. Kelfratt questioned them without really listening to thier answers. He decided along with Attaych Ryothi (watch captain) to ban them from entry to the city and pursue where the forces came from.

After a while the dwarves came to talk with Thoril in private. (no one ever asked about this) they decided then to pursue the the origin of the invading troops and left the ship to the Dwarf to take care of.



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