Out to sea


Boarding the vessel

The group saw curious activity aboard the vessel, after the hordes of humanoids were defeated by the dwarven cavalry. Aboard the vessel the Captain of the vessel was ordering his sailors to offload the remaining barrels over the side of the ship.

The adventurers moved towards the gangplank and attempted to board the vessel, they were stopped by the first mate. After asking to board the vessel the group were allowed on board. The captain kept the offloading to continue as the group requested they speak to them. Thoril asked to see what was inside the barrel and the captain Barget Delph obliged him by.
Upon opening the barrel they noted it was simple kelp, but treated with something.

Then CPT Barget insisted they either debark the vessel or board it and continue talks, for he had to catch the outgoing tide, or run the risk of being either grounded or smashed on the rocks with the rolling seas. The group was unsure, but Cpt Barget Delph said he could easily drop them in Suzail if that was their wish.

Searching the boat

The group wanted to know if the Captains actions bordered on treachery or if he was truly a simple merchant dropping off cargo at a destination. Olaf, (Rhiegard), Thoril, Nessa and Conrad followed him below decks. Though Olaf wanted him to go below decks on his own, he insisted his first mate join him, as he had most of the keys for areas of the ship. Below decks the group was ushered into captain Blarget’s cabin. He freely allowed them to see his log books, scanning over them nothing stuck out as being incorrect. All destinations and distances traveled seemed plausible. Neesa determined that Blarget was being honest. The group asked Blarget to show him the entire ship and questioned him on everything. After about an hour to an hour and a half per deck the group arrived back on deck, noting that the coasline was no longer visible. Captain Blarget insisted that they had to avoid some rocky shoals.

As no one really paid attention to the crew the whole time, they had armed themselves and had the party surrounded.
As the Captain was about to issue ultimatums.

The Kraken

The ship stopped moving and everyone felt a dark foreboding. Looking over the rails all manner of dangerous sea creatures began to circle the ship. Two massive tentacles wrapped about the ship, and 6 more smaller ones began attacking those people on deck. The Captain and the first mate ran to the barrels on the deck and smashed them open revealing loaded crossbows. They began to fire. The group started to hack away at the tentacles, whilst Illianna moved to the Forecastle, Fletcher hid in the longboats and Conrad fled below decks, claiming he needed a weapon. The battle raged for a long while, with many sailors being swept overboard or crushed under the tentacles. The Kraken cast Faerie Fire on everyone making them easy targets. The crew of the ship started to target the Kraken with ballistae bolts. One punctured the poopdeck wall narrowly missing conradigan.
Illianna the whole while kept firing arrows at the Krakens emerged head. The others managed to pin one tentacle to the deck, and hack another off. Though two more appeared.

Olaf sensing the that the tentacles would not lead to the characters death, lept off the railing and attempted to spear the body of the Kraken. Not realizing the Krakens body was protected by a hard shell he bounced off and fell into the water. Thankfully close to the Kraken, and not the circling predators. As Olaf realized he couldn’t swim a young sea-hand dove over the rail with a rope to save him. The Kraken attempted to bite them with his beak, but Olaf kicked him away. The Captain running out of loaded crossbows fled up the mast as a tentacle smashed down by him, and crushed the first mate. The Kraken having lost most feeling in it’s tentacles and facing an unending barrage of arrows decided to flee. As it fled it tried to rip the ship apart. It tore three massive gouges on the deck and nearly snapped off the main mast, though he did break off the crows nest throwing the Captain into the sea.

Ship is ours

the group feeling relieved at fending off the Kraken set to making repairs and facing off against the crew. The navigator being a vetran of many voyages understood it was better to endorse a new Captain, than to fight and lose his life. He gladly helped the group understand who was left to crew the vessel. He also revealed that all the oarsmen were actually slaves from Mulhorand.
The group felt Rhiegard was the best option of Captain for now, with a slight growl of contempt from Olaf, who was still soaking wet, after his rescue from the sea by Martigan.



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