They arrived at the island and dead Sahuaghin and Kuo-Toa were all around. Some died by the ghost, others by each other.Illianna searched some corpses and found a plain tarnished iron/silver circlet.
The group entered the vessel and saw about 35 various chests. Olaf almost……well lets say he was excited.
they kept going deeper in the ship. They were about to go through a jammed doorway. Dustin reinforced the door just before the Olaf kicked it in. Good thing, it would have brought a large portion of the ship down on them.

They made it to the Admirals quarters and saw the Shield of Tyr wedged in a corner, as well as the Orb of Thay.
Gerard started the ceremony. While outside in the snow no one except firestorm could see that two specs were heading to the volcanic plume of ash. From opposite directions.

Partway through the ceremony Olaf urged Gerard to put it in speed up mode, which flustered the new priest.
Oustide wingbeats could be heard. Illiana urged them to really make haste. Rob and the ghost exchanged tokens, he gave his goldfeather for her silversword. Just as he was near the last paragraph of the rite. A battle commenced above the volcano. A Young blue dragon fell down to the wreck and smashed it open. The rite was finished, the red dragon pounced down on the wreck and started chowing down on the gold, diamonds and silver. He laid claim to the new island and all the treasure. Though he was actually invading Blue territory. He fled with over half of the treasure.
Karchendrake, amount of treasure on the lost princesses ship which he stole 50 000 GP 100 000 SP 20 000 PP He also managed to grab 400 000 GP worth of diamonds. That isn’t including the treasure left on the ship when you all had to flee. Seemed he was intereested in acquiring new territory of a volcanic island, though a passing blue interrupted his designs on the isle. More Blues may have been near, from the southern coasts of Naramyr.

The group realizing they were in the middle of a potential warzone took one quick load of treasure and high tailed it. Just as they were about to leave the Kuo-toa and Sahuaghin showed up. Nessa threw gold off the ship indicating that it was able to be touched. Everyone fled to the ship not waiting to see what happened between the forces who were warring over the wreck for 400 years. (the Admiral, his sailors and the ghost protected it from looters all that time)

The group headed back to Suzail and they are at the docks. Contemplating what to do next.

Oh yea the Orb of Thay reveal the actions of Wizards of Thay and their agents abroad.
The shield of Tyr is an artifact……which wants to rescue it’s sister shield from the Abyss, and will open a portal there if it is held in physical contact long enough. Good thing the shield can’t be touched by demons/devils otherwise they’d open a portal to the shield

Oh yea Rob’s character actually had been to the abyss sometime in the past.



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