The group spent three days on the return voyage swapping spells, counting loot and appraising the gems and jewelry. Pulling into the docks the group saw that not many people were to be seen. The city watch patrols that went by obviously paid no heed to anything that was going on around them. There happened to be many groups of thugs wandering around with black cloth sashes around their waists. They also noted that the harbour master nor the vessel registrar were around, curios since no one came to claim the docking fees.

The group decided to divide into three and take care of various tasks. Rhiegard and Gerard went to the Church of TYR.
Nessa and Fletcher went to Mad Mike’s. Olaf decided to watch over his ship with the aid of Illianna, Saras, Conradigan, and Thoril.

Visiting “Mad Mikes”

Nessa familiar with someone who could help them store their treasure told of “Mikaler’s Intesifamaasment” A merchant who was hidden and discreet with his ability to move and exchange goods. As Nessa arrived and uttered his password he readily opened the door to his three story shop. Nessa asked if he had any way to exchange their treasure or store it. He said he had 3 bags of holding. He’d sell for 5000 each. Nessa talked him down to 15000 for all three. Mad mike than decided to go for 5000 for all three and throw in a bag of tricks for an additional kiss on the cheek. He quickly flicked out his tongue and turned his head as Nessa kissed him, getting a freebie. Nessa and Fletcher also decided to deplete his stock of spellbooks and scrolls for about 1000-1200 per spells book and 300-500 per loose spell. As they were leaving Mad Mike told them of Black envelopes with silver writing on the ruins of each burnt house. They were also being watched to see if anyone picked them up.

Church of TYR

Back to the boat

To the Tomb


Azoun and the royal lines

Baskor, Laspeera, Alphondar

Sworn into the inner circle of protectors.

A duke who is a king, was a king, could be a king again(Rhiegard). A daughter of Myth Drannon(Illianna), a son of Thunderholme(Thoril). One of 55 heirs to Tethyr(Fletcher). Daughter of the masks of Amn (Nessa) The grandson of Szaas Tam (Saras) Conradigan son of the Emperor.



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