Spring Parade



Olaf arrives at the southernmost pier of Suzail, the city is quiet and very few people are around. He proceeds up the gentle inclines of the streets towards where some people are hustling. As he follows a mother and her children he hears a large crowd in the distance. As he approaches he sees throngs of people lining a wide street. As he closes to the crowd he sees a carriage with two beautiful young women in it. As he is agog, a City watchman grabs him and ushers him towards a jail wagon. Explaining to him that he failed to bow to nobility. Inside the wagon is another person, an old man who laughs and says he’s too old to bow his head anymore.

Ilianna spends the morning with her parents eating breakfast and talking about attending the spring parade. She tells her parents that she si going to walk the royal gardens before heading out to the parade. While walking towards the depths of the gardens she sees the nesting pair of red-breasted Falcons return from wintering abroad. The family of Falcons has been residents of the royal gardens longer than she could remember. Their chick formed a strong tie with her during the last summer, though she is unsure if the young falcon will return and bond with her.

Nessa is approached by her parents. They need her to go to a meeting on their behalf concerning their operations. She decides to ask her friend Conradigan to come along, he’s been trying to get into the thieving field and what a good opportunity for him to gain some contacts. They both head to the winking eye tavern which is close to their homes. They go in and ask the bartender Sheni Ulmeith, about meeting Danita. He says she hasn’t been in so far. A table is suggested to them as Daanita arrives. She looks them over and tells them to sit as she has business to discuss.

The two sit at the table and wait for Danita. While waiting a dwarf stumps in and approaches he bar. He talks briefly with Danita and the barkeep Sheni. Then he stomps over to the table where Nessa and Conradigan sit. He looks them over and says we must be here on similar interests. They exchange names and pleasantries. Then wait in uncomfortable silence for Danita.

After a few rounds Danita comes over and hands a note to Nessa. It shows three tasks.

  1. Smash the windows at Calberon Whitesmith and Jewel setting.
  2. break the legs of the Ryesin son Fletcher
  3. break the windows at Mulhorandese Embalming

The three left the winking eye tavern and proceeded to walk down the street to an intersecting street that would lead them to the two businesses they’d have to damage. Whilst walking they noted Fletcher Ryesin by the description they were given and his unusual devices. A telescope, spyglass and distinctive walking cane. Thoril the dwarf and Nessa are ready to commit the task, while Conradigan backs out. Unbeknownst to the three they were being watched. Danita pops out and tells them to accomplish the task. Conradigan refuses. Another shadow sister pops out of the shadows and tires to forcefully tell Conradigan to accomplish the task, he refuses to and attempts to fight. As he does so he is grabbed and stabbed by a third Shadow sister. Conradigan crumples in a heap from a mild poison.

Fletcher sensing the noise flees towards the crowd of the parade. The second shadow sister chases him down instantly with blinding speed and knocks him out with a single punch. The shadow sisters grab the bodies of Conradigan and Fletcher and throw them into a conveniently abandoned prisoner wagon, with Olaf and an old man in it. The shadow sisters tell Nessa and Thoril to accomplish the other tasks…..or else. Even though neither has any real skill with a wagon, they figure it will be easy enough to make it a few blocks.

As the Jail wagon heads to the Eastern area of the city along the promenade, a figure appears right in front of the horses and promptly gets run over. The horses panic and flee uncontrollably along the wide paved roadway and blast through the wide open city gates. The dwarf struggles for control as the person under the wagon grunts and moans with each bump in the road he hits. Soon he stops making noise, though his armour doesn’t. The horses still continue to flee until the rear wheel explodes and the wagon is thrown wildly and crashes. The old man breaks his neck, Fletcher and Conradigan are still unconscious. The others are all thrown from the vicinity of the wagon.

The group gather themselves and decide it is best to flee the scene in case they are followed. Thoril mentions he knows a place quite near. The Cleric heals the armoured pedestrian. He awakes and has no recollection of anything. Though he does have the presence of mind to gather his disjointed armour.

As Illiana watches the parade with her parents she senses that Firestorm has returned. He quickly swoops down on her and sits upon her shoulder. Suddenly from a carriage in the parade procession someone calls out to seize her and the bird. Illiana panics a bit but holds her ground. A Noble lady sends out her assistant and tells illiana to come talk with them about a vision they have seen.

She is shown through the Royal Courts to the building which houses guests from foreign countries. Lady Robelyn and her Seeress Rose tell of a vision of a golden island out in the sea, and a return of goldfeather. Something there is of great importance, but they are not sure. The bird may have details and they ask Illiana to try discover this. Going to the royal gardens again she encounters a Meriador and peldanthe her teachers who tell of a crusty old druid who is presently in the gardens. He will tell the birds tale for some ale money. He explains the bird has seen a new island and gold is strewn upon it’s shores.

Illiana returns to the Seeress and tells the tale. They want more information if possible.

Illianna leaves but once outside her bird bids her to follow. She grabs a horse from home and spends an hour heading out of town. The bird leads her to a crash of a wagon and continues on eastwards. She encounters a group of ragtag individuals. The bird spots it’s quarry and lands on the armoured fellows shoulder, as it does so, it’s breast feathers change from red, to a golden sheen.



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