Trailing the Shadow Sisters


The group went to Curio’s of the Heartlands, run by Shornbert Kenta. With the correct password given by Vangerdahast the group could freely purchase goods which filled the shop. The group spent a fortune in gems and gold.

After a few hours of snooping around the party took off to see Rhiegards Castle. Upon entry the 4 story structure was completely gutted inside. A massive undertaking would be required to get any semblance of occupation use. The group thought a good place to start was finding an architect or engineer.

Saras stated that his mother was an actual architect, so they went to the Temple of TYR, less Rhiegard and Gerard. Saras’ mother was nowhere to be seen and his father had no idea where she had taken off to.

The group then decided to go see if the Dwaves could aid in reconstruction. For the first time in Thoril’s memory the doors to the Dwarven stronghold were closed and locked. Thinking he could not recall any other entry point of way to communicate with those below.

The party returned to the ship less Illianna and Nessa.

Illianna went to see Meriador and Pheldane. They had been shunned in all efforts to relate issue within the forest. They were shocked to learn that a new Noble was assigned to the protection of the forest, Rhiegard.

Nessa took the time to go to each of the groups houses and check for the black envelopes.
Nessa ransom for her parents was 50, Gerards was 25, Fletchers 30, Saras was 20. Each sum was expected at a drop point.

The Olaf and Nessa went to find a group of the black sashed thugs to “talk to” Olaf found a group of youngsters and promptly smashed the eldest in the face and took him , Nessa did the same with a younger one from the shadows. The thugs fled and the local Purple Dragon watch had a absolute fascination with an ordinary building nearby. Nessa and Olaf returned to the ship to collect information from the youths.
Olaf used some arm breaking tactics with the 16 year old and Rhiegard had fotherly advice for the 8 year old. Shortly the group found that Cyan was the local leader of this band of thugs.

Later in the morning the group spotted a more adult group f thugs out on the wharf. They went to talk to them, but the thugs engaged in a fight before a simple word was spoken. In short order a few members of the thug group were dispatched. The rest attempted to run and most were caught or killed.

Olaf and Rhiegard managed to get some information, but Fletcher’s charmed individual blurted out that Taiken was someone who payed them. He worked out of the Winking Eye Tavern.

Thoril and Fletcher wanted to make a side trip to find magics to talk to the Dwarves in the Dwarven Stronghold. The mages in the School weren’t forthcoming with any information, for they had not been advised of Fletcher’s inclusion into the ranks of the warwizards. Bureaucracy at it’s finest.

Nessa, Olaf, Illianna and Rhiegard went to talk with Taiken. He seemed like he would freely give away information, at a price.
He did give some tidbits of information. Danita, Loween and Zassess were only leaders of a cell of the Shadow Sisters.
He also represented them as a lawyer and an accountant.



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