Trailing the Shadow Sisters


The group went to Curio’s of the Heartlands, run by Shornbert Kenta. With the correct password given by Vangerdahast the group could freely purchase goods which filled the shop. The group spent a fortune in gems and gold.

After a few hours of snooping around the party took off to see Rhiegards Castle. Upon entry the 4 story structure was completely gutted inside. A massive undertaking would be required to get any semblance of occupation use. The group thought a good place to start was finding an architect or engineer.

Saras stated that his mother was an actual architect, so they went to the Temple of TYR, less Rhiegard and Gerard. Saras’ mother was nowhere to be seen and his father had no idea where she had taken off to.

The group then decided to go see if the Dwaves could aid in reconstruction. For the first time in Thoril’s memory the doors to the Dwarven stronghold were closed and locked. Thinking he could not recall any other entry point of way to communicate with those below.

The party returned to the ship less Illianna and Nessa.

Illianna went to see Meriador and Pheldane. They had been shunned in all efforts to relate issue within the forest. They were shocked to learn that a new Noble was assigned to the protection of the forest, Rhiegard.

Nessa took the time to go to each of the groups houses and check for the black envelopes.
Nessa ransom for her parents was 50, Gerards was 25, Fletchers 30, Saras was 20. Each sum was expected at a drop point.

The Olaf and Nessa went to find a group of the black sashed thugs to “talk to” Olaf found a group of youngsters and promptly smashed the eldest in the face and took him , Nessa did the same with a younger one from the shadows. The thugs fled and the local Purple Dragon watch had a absolute fascination with an ordinary building nearby. Nessa and Olaf returned to the ship to collect information from the youths.
Olaf used some arm breaking tactics with the 16 year old and Rhiegard had fotherly advice for the 8 year old. Shortly the group found that Cyan was the local leader of this band of thugs.

Later in the morning the group spotted a more adult group f thugs out on the wharf. They went to talk to them, but the thugs engaged in a fight before a simple word was spoken. In short order a few members of the thug group were dispatched. The rest attempted to run and most were caught or killed.

Olaf and Rhiegard managed to get some information, but Fletcher’s charmed individual blurted out that Taiken was someone who payed them. He worked out of the Winking Eye Tavern.

Thoril and Fletcher wanted to make a side trip to find magics to talk to the Dwarves in the Dwarven Stronghold. The mages in the School weren’t forthcoming with any information, for they had not been advised of Fletcher’s inclusion into the ranks of the warwizards. Bureaucracy at it’s finest.

Nessa, Olaf, Illianna and Rhiegard went to talk with Taiken. He seemed like he would freely give away information, at a price.
He did give some tidbits of information. Danita, Loween and Zassess were only leaders of a cell of the Shadow Sisters.
He also represented them as a lawyer and an accountant.



The group spent three days on the return voyage swapping spells, counting loot and appraising the gems and jewelry. Pulling into the docks the group saw that not many people were to be seen. The city watch patrols that went by obviously paid no heed to anything that was going on around them. There happened to be many groups of thugs wandering around with black cloth sashes around their waists. They also noted that the harbour master nor the vessel registrar were around, curios since no one came to claim the docking fees.

The group decided to divide into three and take care of various tasks. Rhiegard and Gerard went to the Church of TYR.
Nessa and Fletcher went to Mad Mike’s. Olaf decided to watch over his ship with the aid of Illianna, Saras, Conradigan, and Thoril.

Visiting “Mad Mikes”

Nessa familiar with someone who could help them store their treasure told of “Mikaler’s Intesifamaasment” A merchant who was hidden and discreet with his ability to move and exchange goods. As Nessa arrived and uttered his password he readily opened the door to his three story shop. Nessa asked if he had any way to exchange their treasure or store it. He said he had 3 bags of holding. He’d sell for 5000 each. Nessa talked him down to 15000 for all three. Mad mike than decided to go for 5000 for all three and throw in a bag of tricks for an additional kiss on the cheek. He quickly flicked out his tongue and turned his head as Nessa kissed him, getting a freebie. Nessa and Fletcher also decided to deplete his stock of spellbooks and scrolls for about 1000-1200 per spells book and 300-500 per loose spell. As they were leaving Mad Mike told them of Black envelopes with silver writing on the ruins of each burnt house. They were also being watched to see if anyone picked them up.

Church of TYR

Back to the boat

To the Tomb


Azoun and the royal lines

Baskor, Laspeera, Alphondar

Sworn into the inner circle of protectors.

A duke who is a king, was a king, could be a king again(Rhiegard). A daughter of Myth Drannon(Illianna), a son of Thunderholme(Thoril). One of 55 heirs to Tethyr(Fletcher). Daughter of the masks of Amn (Nessa) The grandson of Szaas Tam (Saras) Conradigan son of the Emperor.



They arrived at the island and dead Sahuaghin and Kuo-Toa were all around. Some died by the ghost, others by each other.Illianna searched some corpses and found a plain tarnished iron/silver circlet.
The group entered the vessel and saw about 35 various chests. Olaf almost……well lets say he was excited.
they kept going deeper in the ship. They were about to go through a jammed doorway. Dustin reinforced the door just before the Olaf kicked it in. Good thing, it would have brought a large portion of the ship down on them.

They made it to the Admirals quarters and saw the Shield of Tyr wedged in a corner, as well as the Orb of Thay.
Gerard started the ceremony. While outside in the snow no one except firestorm could see that two specs were heading to the volcanic plume of ash. From opposite directions.

Partway through the ceremony Olaf urged Gerard to put it in speed up mode, which flustered the new priest.
Oustide wingbeats could be heard. Illiana urged them to really make haste. Rob and the ghost exchanged tokens, he gave his goldfeather for her silversword. Just as he was near the last paragraph of the rite. A battle commenced above the volcano. A Young blue dragon fell down to the wreck and smashed it open. The rite was finished, the red dragon pounced down on the wreck and started chowing down on the gold, diamonds and silver. He laid claim to the new island and all the treasure. Though he was actually invading Blue territory. He fled with over half of the treasure.
Karchendrake, amount of treasure on the lost princesses ship which he stole 50 000 GP 100 000 SP 20 000 PP He also managed to grab 400 000 GP worth of diamonds. That isn’t including the treasure left on the ship when you all had to flee. Seemed he was intereested in acquiring new territory of a volcanic island, though a passing blue interrupted his designs on the isle. More Blues may have been near, from the southern coasts of Naramyr.

The group realizing they were in the middle of a potential warzone took one quick load of treasure and high tailed it. Just as they were about to leave the Kuo-toa and Sahuaghin showed up. Nessa threw gold off the ship indicating that it was able to be touched. Everyone fled to the ship not waiting to see what happened between the forces who were warring over the wreck for 400 years. (the Admiral, his sailors and the ghost protected it from looters all that time)

The group headed back to Suzail and they are at the docks. Contemplating what to do next.

Oh yea the Orb of Thay reveal the actions of Wizards of Thay and their agents abroad.
The shield of Tyr is an artifact……which wants to rescue it’s sister shield from the Abyss, and will open a portal there if it is held in physical contact long enough. Good thing the shield can’t be touched by demons/devils otherwise they’d open a portal to the shield

Oh yea Rob’s character actually had been to the abyss sometime in the past.

Back to Suzail


The church of Tyr

Nessa’s lost parents

Conradigan’s parents

Flethcers missing parents

Meeting the priests of Tyr




Ilianna and pheldane


The docks and cpt blarghet

The watch and ships logs

Out to sea

Volcanic Isle


Heading to the isle

Fixing the boat

Freeing the slaves

Landing on the isle

Revenant and skeletons


Olaf and aging

The lost princess Nadyras Glory is the wreck.

Back to Suzail

Out to sea


Boarding the vessel

The group saw curious activity aboard the vessel, after the hordes of humanoids were defeated by the dwarven cavalry. Aboard the vessel the Captain of the vessel was ordering his sailors to offload the remaining barrels over the side of the ship.

The adventurers moved towards the gangplank and attempted to board the vessel, they were stopped by the first mate. After asking to board the vessel the group were allowed on board. The captain kept the offloading to continue as the group requested they speak to them. Thoril asked to see what was inside the barrel and the captain Barget Delph obliged him by.
Upon opening the barrel they noted it was simple kelp, but treated with something.

Then CPT Barget insisted they either debark the vessel or board it and continue talks, for he had to catch the outgoing tide, or run the risk of being either grounded or smashed on the rocks with the rolling seas. The group was unsure, but Cpt Barget Delph said he could easily drop them in Suzail if that was their wish.

Searching the boat

The group wanted to know if the Captains actions bordered on treachery or if he was truly a simple merchant dropping off cargo at a destination. Olaf, (Rhiegard), Thoril, Nessa and Conrad followed him below decks. Though Olaf wanted him to go below decks on his own, he insisted his first mate join him, as he had most of the keys for areas of the ship. Below decks the group was ushered into captain Blarget’s cabin. He freely allowed them to see his log books, scanning over them nothing stuck out as being incorrect. All destinations and distances traveled seemed plausible. Neesa determined that Blarget was being honest. The group asked Blarget to show him the entire ship and questioned him on everything. After about an hour to an hour and a half per deck the group arrived back on deck, noting that the coasline was no longer visible. Captain Blarget insisted that they had to avoid some rocky shoals.

As no one really paid attention to the crew the whole time, they had armed themselves and had the party surrounded.
As the Captain was about to issue ultimatums.

The Kraken

The ship stopped moving and everyone felt a dark foreboding. Looking over the rails all manner of dangerous sea creatures began to circle the ship. Two massive tentacles wrapped about the ship, and 6 more smaller ones began attacking those people on deck. The Captain and the first mate ran to the barrels on the deck and smashed them open revealing loaded crossbows. They began to fire. The group started to hack away at the tentacles, whilst Illianna moved to the Forecastle, Fletcher hid in the longboats and Conrad fled below decks, claiming he needed a weapon. The battle raged for a long while, with many sailors being swept overboard or crushed under the tentacles. The Kraken cast Faerie Fire on everyone making them easy targets. The crew of the ship started to target the Kraken with ballistae bolts. One punctured the poopdeck wall narrowly missing conradigan.
Illianna the whole while kept firing arrows at the Krakens emerged head. The others managed to pin one tentacle to the deck, and hack another off. Though two more appeared.

Olaf sensing the that the tentacles would not lead to the characters death, lept off the railing and attempted to spear the body of the Kraken. Not realizing the Krakens body was protected by a hard shell he bounced off and fell into the water. Thankfully close to the Kraken, and not the circling predators. As Olaf realized he couldn’t swim a young sea-hand dove over the rail with a rope to save him. The Kraken attempted to bite them with his beak, but Olaf kicked him away. The Captain running out of loaded crossbows fled up the mast as a tentacle smashed down by him, and crushed the first mate. The Kraken having lost most feeling in it’s tentacles and facing an unending barrage of arrows decided to flee. As it fled it tried to rip the ship apart. It tore three massive gouges on the deck and nearly snapped off the main mast, though he did break off the crows nest throwing the Captain into the sea.

Ship is ours

the group feeling relieved at fending off the Kraken set to making repairs and facing off against the crew. The navigator being a vetran of many voyages understood it was better to endorse a new Captain, than to fight and lose his life. He gladly helped the group understand who was left to crew the vessel. He also revealed that all the oarsmen were actually slaves from Mulhorand.
The group felt Rhiegard was the best option of Captain for now, with a slight growl of contempt from Olaf, who was still soaking wet, after his rescue from the sea by Martigan.

Fighting Orc's, goblins, kobolds and hobgoblins.


As the bird sat upon the armoured amnesiac the bird tried to pull out his necklace. (Rhiegard) pulled out the necklace and showed that it was that of a single golden feather. The remainder of the people milled about curious of the birds antics. With the coming darkness the group thought it best to go into the Ventwatch building. Illiana told the bird to go rest in the trees nearby.

The group started to discuss the events of the day. Fletcher was quite irate that people wanted to break his legs. (Rhiegard) Felt that it was his duty to ensure that no one would try to attack Fletcher. The group decided on a rotation of watches that would leave a trustworthy person with others who had shown aggression. It worked out well for everyone.

At the second watch of the night Illianna chose to use her elven vision and go out and actively view the surroundings. As she passed the time doing circuits of the area she heard noise in the distance. Biding her time she noticed some figures in the distance. They happened to be Kobolds. As she prepared to attack she noted even more. Understanding the risks to everyone she decided to open fire. Knocking out kobold after kobold she found that they numbers were going to reach her eventually. Illianna retreated to the door and warned that many more were coming. The group came to the rescue and pursued the Kobolds out into the darkness, except Conrad who hid behind a door and waited to stab something, or anything that tried to pass.

The group fought valiantly out in the darkness being overwhelmed by numbers many times, but the group worked cohesively and came to the rescue of those who were swarmed. Olaf caught a few in his net, Illianna had a few pursue her trying to stop her lethal bowmanship. Rhigard swatted kobolds like flies while the others held their ground. The group wiped out the advance Kobold force with cohesive fighting. They grabbed the netted kobolds and returned to the safety of the Dwarfwatch building.

Fletcher cast a spell on the kobolds to befriend them and found out they were an advance force and others were coming to attack Ventwatch.

Later in the evening the group heard a few score of forces passing close to the dwarfwatch building. After careful consideration Illianna and Thoril decided to find out what the forces were up to. Whilst the others bickered about what to do with the Kobolds.
After a while the Kobolds escaped and those bickering chased them down to either kill them of save them. Fletcher cast a scare spell on Conradigan and made him flee in the other direction.

Illianna and Thoril saw the invading force of Kobolds, Orcs, Goblins and Hobgoblins were attempting to throw Barrels down into the vent. Each time they came close to getting one in the Invisible stalkers threw the barrels down into the throngs of the invaders and bowled them over.

After sometime the rest of the group stumbled to the hiding spot of Illianna and Thoril, giving away their location. As the forces started to advance on them Illianna the only one with a ranged weapon opened fire. She managed to route the Kobolds but the others kept advancing. As foot combat was engaged a pony mounted contingent of Dwarves crashed into the fray and smashed the forces.

Shortly after a group of the city watch showed up and rounded up the Suzail citizens. Kelfratt questioned them without really listening to thier answers. He decided along with Attaych Ryothi (watch captain) to ban them from entry to the city and pursue where the forces came from.

After a while the dwarves came to talk with Thoril in private. (no one ever asked about this) they decided then to pursue the the origin of the invading troops and left the ship to the Dwarf to take care of.

Spring Parade


Olaf arrives at the southernmost pier of Suzail, the city is quiet and very few people are around. He proceeds up the gentle inclines of the streets towards where some people are hustling. As he follows a mother and her children he hears a large crowd in the distance. As he approaches he sees throngs of people lining a wide street. As he closes to the crowd he sees a carriage with two beautiful young women in it. As he is agog, a City watchman grabs him and ushers him towards a jail wagon. Explaining to him that he failed to bow to nobility. Inside the wagon is another person, an old man who laughs and says he’s too old to bow his head anymore.

Ilianna spends the morning with her parents eating breakfast and talking about attending the spring parade. She tells her parents that she si going to walk the royal gardens before heading out to the parade. While walking towards the depths of the gardens she sees the nesting pair of red-breasted Falcons return from wintering abroad. The family of Falcons has been residents of the royal gardens longer than she could remember. Their chick formed a strong tie with her during the last summer, though she is unsure if the young falcon will return and bond with her.

Nessa is approached by her parents. They need her to go to a meeting on their behalf concerning their operations. She decides to ask her friend Conradigan to come along, he’s been trying to get into the thieving field and what a good opportunity for him to gain some contacts. They both head to the winking eye tavern which is close to their homes. They go in and ask the bartender Sheni Ulmeith, about meeting Danita. He says she hasn’t been in so far. A table is suggested to them as Daanita arrives. She looks them over and tells them to sit as she has business to discuss.

The two sit at the table and wait for Danita. While waiting a dwarf stumps in and approaches he bar. He talks briefly with Danita and the barkeep Sheni. Then he stomps over to the table where Nessa and Conradigan sit. He looks them over and says we must be here on similar interests. They exchange names and pleasantries. Then wait in uncomfortable silence for Danita.

After a few rounds Danita comes over and hands a note to Nessa. It shows three tasks.

  1. Smash the windows at Calberon Whitesmith and Jewel setting.
  2. break the legs of the Ryesin son Fletcher
  3. break the windows at Mulhorandese Embalming

The three left the winking eye tavern and proceeded to walk down the street to an intersecting street that would lead them to the two businesses they’d have to damage. Whilst walking they noted Fletcher Ryesin by the description they were given and his unusual devices. A telescope, spyglass and distinctive walking cane. Thoril the dwarf and Nessa are ready to commit the task, while Conradigan backs out. Unbeknownst to the three they were being watched. Danita pops out and tells them to accomplish the task. Conradigan refuses. Another shadow sister pops out of the shadows and tires to forcefully tell Conradigan to accomplish the task, he refuses to and attempts to fight. As he does so he is grabbed and stabbed by a third Shadow sister. Conradigan crumples in a heap from a mild poison.

Fletcher sensing the noise flees towards the crowd of the parade. The second shadow sister chases him down instantly with blinding speed and knocks him out with a single punch. The shadow sisters grab the bodies of Conradigan and Fletcher and throw them into a conveniently abandoned prisoner wagon, with Olaf and an old man in it. The shadow sisters tell Nessa and Thoril to accomplish the other tasks…..or else. Even though neither has any real skill with a wagon, they figure it will be easy enough to make it a few blocks.

As the Jail wagon heads to the Eastern area of the city along the promenade, a figure appears right in front of the horses and promptly gets run over. The horses panic and flee uncontrollably along the wide paved roadway and blast through the wide open city gates. The dwarf struggles for control as the person under the wagon grunts and moans with each bump in the road he hits. Soon he stops making noise, though his armour doesn’t. The horses still continue to flee until the rear wheel explodes and the wagon is thrown wildly and crashes. The old man breaks his neck, Fletcher and Conradigan are still unconscious. The others are all thrown from the vicinity of the wagon.

The group gather themselves and decide it is best to flee the scene in case they are followed. Thoril mentions he knows a place quite near. The Cleric heals the armoured pedestrian. He awakes and has no recollection of anything. Though he does have the presence of mind to gather his disjointed armour.

As Illiana watches the parade with her parents she senses that Firestorm has returned. He quickly swoops down on her and sits upon her shoulder. Suddenly from a carriage in the parade procession someone calls out to seize her and the bird. Illiana panics a bit but holds her ground. A Noble lady sends out her assistant and tells illiana to come talk with them about a vision they have seen.

She is shown through the Royal Courts to the building which houses guests from foreign countries. Lady Robelyn and her Seeress Rose tell of a vision of a golden island out in the sea, and a return of goldfeather. Something there is of great importance, but they are not sure. The bird may have details and they ask Illiana to try discover this. Going to the royal gardens again she encounters a Meriador and peldanthe her teachers who tell of a crusty old druid who is presently in the gardens. He will tell the birds tale for some ale money. He explains the bird has seen a new island and gold is strewn upon it’s shores.

Illiana returns to the Seeress and tells the tale. They want more information if possible.

Illianna leaves but once outside her bird bids her to follow. She grabs a horse from home and spends an hour heading out of town. The bird leads her to a crash of a wagon and continues on eastwards. She encounters a group of ragtag individuals. The bird spots it’s quarry and lands on the armoured fellows shoulder, as it does so, it’s breast feathers change from red, to a golden sheen.

Campaign Background
City details

The setting for the campaign is Cormyr, more specifically the city of Suzail and it’s 45,000 residents.


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